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Butch and Bobbie Reid would like to welcome you to! Here, you'll find all the information you'll need to follow the Reids. They look forward to doing great!

Local racing websites down south are Cardinal Speedway in Eunice & Roadrunner Speedway in Carlsbad for their results and schedules.


"Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes" -- George Jones

Check out pics for Butch's Black Late Model and Blue Modified!

(A short recap of my return to Late Model Racing)


Roadrunner Speedway 5-17-14 & El Paso Speedway Park 5-09-14

After debuting my Mastersbuilt Late Model the previous race with a crash at the end and lots of repair in order, i decided i'd try and make some laps in the car myself, so on May 9th i talked Neal Twaddle into pit crewing for me in El Paso so we along with Jim Buetelle and his crew made the tow.

  After repairing sheet metal and other obvious damage from the previous weeks wreck i loaded up the race car thinking all was good....boy was Neal and i in for a surprise,at the track while still in the trailer i asked Neal to crawl under the car while it was up on the ramp overs and give it a once over, well he found a bent lower control arm heim, the work was on,two ol farts crawling around under the car with wrenches and pry bars and blood flowing....,but we finally got it, just in time for the heat race, so out on the track i go, car is a handful not good at all, and its missing and banging out something terrible, so i pulled in early. With Jims crew jumping in to lend a hand they pulled the fuel filter and saw it was a paper element, not good for methanol, so maybe we found the problem and left it out. We also checked the toe and found a loose left front ball joint, so Neal tackled that, then he told me our right front spring was a 325 #spring (way to soft) so they all tackled that, thanks to Curt Barnett we barely made it out for the Main event.

  Green flag i knew the spring change was good, but the motor still banged out, so i stayed out 10 or so laps and pulled in with the car not running with no battery power......well that helped me find the problem, a loose solder connection at the battery! Glad we found the problem and it is now solved! The trip was good we visited with old friends and learned a few things on my car and fixed more broke stuff. Thank to Royal Jones and crew for their hospitality, and to Curt Barnett for his help.

  Roadrunner Speedway- With battery cable repaired and rf spring change i was pretty optimistic about my car for todays race, starting outside pole i took the lead early in the heat until about halfway i felt the rf lock up, darn  3 wheel brake shut offs, it locked me up, so we pulled in the infield. With fuel added a bar change and a tire  change we were ready for the main, so this time 2nd row inside we stopped in turn one for the 22 car spin and waited on a yellow, i made a lap waiting for it when i realized we were still green, oops, off i went chasing down the leaders, finally i passed for the lead and never looked back, car was awesome!!!

  It really felt good to win again and be in the winners circle, something i wasn't sure would ever happen again. Thanks to you fans for all your support, i hope to shine again soon !

  This next weekend the El Paso invaders will be back so it should be an awesome battle for the win next time!

  See ya at the track....

P.S. Robert Atwood has been piloting my #5 Modified for a couple races and with his sprint car experience he is learning the 4 bar deal quick, a 5th place finish last week in a tough field was awesome!

New pics from SMS 05/06/11 in the gallery!

New pics from SMS 05/28/11 in the gallery!

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